Sarush is a metaphysical scientist who provides limited edition wears, including (Reiki infused) bespoke gemstone / crystal talismans, meditation accessories, specimens, home goods, books, posters and a host of other unique items I can conjure up. Minerals + Precious metals + more

Qualifications & Certifications


2 X Reiki I, II and Master / Teacher:

  • Angel Reiki
  • Color Reiki
  • Tantric Reiki
  • Distance Healing Specialist

Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing

Angelic Healing Practitioner

Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner

Golden Angelic Ray of Healing Practitioner

Advanced Golden Angelic Ray of Healing Teacher

Basic and Advanced Hand Mudra Energy Healing 

Basic and Advanced Meditation Guide

Workplace Meditation Teacher

Energy Psychology and Healing

Akashic Library Guide:

  • Connecting to your Akashic Record
  • Discovering Your Souls Journey
  • Soul Contract Within The Records

Chakra Activations with Ancient Sounds

Ancient DNA Activation & Egyptian Aliens Connection

Master Herbalist

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Couples Therapy and Counseling 

Gestalt Psychotherapy

Holistic Pain Management 

Initiation into Mysticism

The King Solomon Seals

Criminal Psychology

*In Progress

  • Professional Dowsing 
  • Project Management
  • Ho’oponopono & Forgiveness